Volume 5, Issue 3

Grand Prize – Waiting

Silver Prize – Medicine musica

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In this issue we are pleased to announce the winners of the Hektoen Grand Prix Essay Competition, Fergus Shanahan – Grand Prix winner and the author of Waiting, and Daisy Fancourt – Silver Prize winner and the author of Medicine musica. We received over 150 entries from around the world for our contest on a dizzying array of topics. You can read our winning essays, as well as many other excellent essays concerning the medical humanities in this issue.

Current Issue
Hektoen Essay Competition

Medical History

The early days in the history of appendectomy…Damiano Rondelli
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?…Joanna Smolenski

John Wesley: amateur physican and health crusader…Paul Dakin
Mark Hanna’s knees and the Panama Canal…Michael Ellman

One woman’s journey for a tuberculosis cure…Terri Sinnott


Medieval medical diagrams…Sara Öberg Strådal
Darwin at the Chinese opera…Sam Shuster
Toulouse-Lautrec and medicine…William Albury and George Weisz

Medicine and Literature

Dr. Blockhead’s victory: up there, down here…Angela Belli
Sylvia Plath: the tortured artist?…Kathleen Coggshall
Medical mysteries and detective doctors…Roslyn Weaver

Doctors, Patients, & Diseases

Doctor’s daughter…Constance Putnam
The patient writer…Ben Murnane
Ronnie’s gifts…Ivan Barry Pless
Hunters…Nam Nguyen

Medical Education

Making medical education interesting and exciting…Anuradha Joshi
Abraham Flexner: his life and legacy…M. Saleem Seyal
In defense of good pimping: the Socratic method…Gregory Marcus
Medical education in medieval Islam…Sara Ali

A classic case of vanity…Anthony Papagiannis

The membership examination—then…George Dunea

Becoming a Medical Professional

The benefit of literature to a medical student…Martin Conwill
Pushing back at perceptions of epilepsy…Laura Fitzpatrick
Pigs in medicine from Galen to xenotransplantation…Stanley Gutiontov


Photo journalist – The garden in winter – The violets…Jeanne Bryner

New Briefs

The mystical prophet and his Bride of Christ…Hansjörg Rothe
Franz Anton Mesmer…James Franklin

Albert Schweitzer

Hubris syndrome

Everyone is too busy

Lord Moynihan

Dementia paralytica

The real Monte Cristo