Volume 4, Issue 3

Feature articles

The “Belle of Amherst” as ethicist

heartBonnie Salomon

An emergency physician and ethicist shares the deep insight that Emily Dickinson’s poetry lends to ethics More…

The surgeon storyteller

sterling memorialMahala Yates Stripling

Richard Selzer’s biographer recounts one of her last interviews with the retired surgeon More…

Timelessness of the intangible

jhaveriBill Wolak

An interview with Indian poet-physician Dileep Jhaveri reveals the relationship of poetry to his life and his practice More…

Dileep Jhaveri

Dr. Jhaveri shares a selection of his original poetry More…

Richard Selzer

Selzer explores why a surgeon should write in this excerpt from Confessions of a Knife More…


Art and medicine

Bronzino and the wages of sin

bronzinoFrank Gonzalez-Crussi

The syphilis allegory in Bronzino’s Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time More

Pareidolia Santa Fe

heartVesna Jovanovic

A visual exploration of the concepts of illness and scientific progress More…

Art flashes

Bread of life and death

detailed christJuliet Hubbell

Ergotism and the Isenheim altarpiece More

Distorting anatomy

distorting anatomySally Metzler

Mannerism, as illustrated by Jacopo Pontormo More…


Medical history

Schola Medica Salernitana

James A. Marcum

An Italian medical school at Salerno and its lasting influence on Western medicine More…

Captain Scott’s loyal assistant

Isobel P. Williams

Revisiting the history of Edgar Evans, one of the first British veterans of Antarctic exploration More

Surgery, note by note

James L. Franklin

The depiction of a surgery in music by French composer Marin Marais More…

The death of Charles II

George Dunea

The writings on Charles II’s death illuminate 17th century medical practices More…


Doctors, patients, and diseases

The cutting edge

booksRichard Spicer

When bureaucracy walks the line between life and death More…

The diagnostic eclipse

eclipseNaomi Schlesinger

Can a diagnosis sometimes obscure the problem? More…

Praying with Marvin

prayingPeter de Schweinitz

A Liberian guard and an American doctor’s ethical quandary More…

Sparing the living

workerDr. P. Ravi Shankar

What is a life worth when there are no resources? More…

The fallen leaf

the fallen leafChang-Wuk Kang

A dying patient and her overwhelming grace More…

Defined spaces

peanut butterHeather Lynn Alva

A young woman’s personal journey with diabetes More…

Summer heat

summer heatAnthony Papagiannis

A physician’s reflection on the importance of gratitude More…

Winter race against time

winter roadChristopher Cameron

A doctor and his struggle to save a young man More…


Moments in history


Paul White

Edward VI
Edward VI


Physicians of note


Ambroise Paré

John Chamber

Flint Sr.
Austin Flint


Becoming a medical professional

A student’s call for mentorship

Stephanie L. Grach

The Hippocratic Oath addresses the physician’s role in a student-teacher relationship More…

The wartime chemist

William S. Tierney

My great-grandfather was a four-star general during the First World War More…

The tracheotomy

Michelle Paff

A medical student’s painting expresses her transformation into a physician More…


A life cut short

Joshua Baru & Benjamin Mba

The Schwartz Center Rounds provides a forum for an interdisciplinary case-based discussion More…


Literary vignettes


Gulliver’s Travels

Madame Bovary
Madame Bovary

Doctor in the house
Doctor in the house

Literary quiz

Saul BellowPearl s. buckFirst lines of great books!

These opening sentences come from which books?

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Martin Duke


F. Inge Faust


Jan A. Jahner

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Wynne Morrison


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