Volume 4, Issue 3

Summer 2012 
The “Belle of Amherst” as ethicist, Bonnie Salomon

The surgeon storyteller, Mahala Yates Stripling

Timelessness of the intangible, Bill Wolak

“Once this Mist Clears” and other poems, Dileep Jhaveri

Richard Selzer, Literary Essays

Bronzino and the wages of sin, Frank Gonzalez-Crussi

Pareidolia Santa Fe, Vesna Jovanovic

Bread of life and death, Juliet Hubbell

Distorting anatomy, Sally Metzler

Schola Medica Salernitana, James A. Marcum

Captain Scott’s loyal assistant, Isobel P. Williams

Surgery, note by note, James L. Franklin

The death of Charles II, George Dunea

The cutting edge, Richard Spicer

The diagnostic eclipse, Naomi Schlesinger

Praying with Marvin, Peter de Schweinitz

Sparing the living, Dr. P. Ravi Shankar

The fallen leaf, Chang-Wuk Kang

Defined spaces, Heather Lynn Alva

Summer heat, Anthony Papagiannis

Winter race against time, Christopher Cameron

Syphilis, Infectious Diseases

Paul White, Philip R. Liebson

Edward VI, George Dunea

Medics, War & Sections

Rosenstein, Einar Perman

Ambroise Pare, Lila Haile

Austin Flint, George Dunea

A student’s call for mentorship, Stephanie L. Grach

The wartime chemist, William S. Tierney

The tracheotomy, Michelle Paff

A life cut short, Joshua Baru & Benjamin Mba

Basilisk, Anna Lantz & Einar Perman

Gulliver’s Travels, George Dunea

Hagstromer Medico-Historical Library, Anna Lantz

Madame Bovary, George Dunea

Doctor in the house, George Dunea

I am the very model of an up-to-date physician, Martin Duke

The chair, Linda Barber

The autopsy, F. Ing Faust

Blood of my Blood, Wynne Morrison

A Burglar in the Body – Too Heavy, Jann A. Jahner

In the waiting room – Rebecca’s doll, A. J. Wright