Volume 4, Issue 2

Feature articles – Trauma

No bag lady

umbrellaLarry Zaroff

A homeless woman’s remarkable influence on a small California town More…

Transient pleasure

needleLiam Farrell

A doctor’s struggle to overcome addiction More…

The boys who did not come back

house in mountainsP. Ravi Shankar

A medical emergency in a remote Nepalese village More…


George Clooney Eliette Markhbein

An art exhibit honoring traumatic brain injury survivors More…

Trauma stewardship

Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

& Connie Burk

An everyday guide to caring for oneself while caring for othersMore…

Reconstructing a self

Mary T. Shannon

Using narrative and memoir writing to heal from childhood sexual abuse More…

The company of butchers

John Graham-Pole

A newly-minted surgical dresser’s encounter with an unfortunate meat porter More…

Following orders

Boris D. Veysman

A resident’s traumatic introduction to the importance of questioning orders More…


Surviving torture

Always with us

Irene Martinez

Art honoring the Desaparecidos, those who disappeared under an Argentine military dictatorship More…

Marjorie Kovler Center quilts

quiltMary Lynn Everson & Greg Schreck

Through photography, survivors of torture discover community and healing More…


Finding a Voice

birdRuth Margalit & Christopher Leet

Shelter residents and health professions students teach each other the art of self-expression More…


Is healthcare a right?

Ronald Pies

How do the Abrahamic faiths—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—describe healthcare? According to religious leaders, is it a basic human right? More…


Medical history

FDR’s last illness

FDRArmando Susmano

Malignant hypertension in an era without
treatment More

Samuel A. Levine

Philip R. Liebson

Remembering a great cardiologist and diagnostician whose skill lay in his eyes, ears, and hands More…

In memoriam: Paul Wood

George Dunea

This British cardiologist redefined bedside diagnostics of heart disease More…

Revisiting a medical classic

Thoephile AlajouanineJames L. Franklin

Brain injury and its effect on the creativity of great artists More…


Art and medicine

Beyond: The art of Tim Lowly

Alexiscarry meMost of Tim Lowly’s work has been to engage the viewer. The viewer is invited not into certainty, but beyond More…

Art flashes

Frida Kahlo

Piero di Cosimo

Death of Marat

the ugly duchess
The ugly duchess


Doctors, patients, and diseases

The peach tree

The peach treeW. Roy Smythe

Advanced cancer and an unpleasant oncology exam reminds a man of his blessings More…

A perfect day

Mike Ellman

A senior resident reflects on the methods of the attending oncologist and the treatment of untreatable cancer More…

My tragedy in retrospect

retrospectMary Osborne

Transforming tragedy into a work of art does not come without
effort More…

Miriam’s stoicism

Todd HochbergElizabeth Neglia

A husband holds on to his wife despite her suffering More…


Moments in history

Bayezid I


Lord Moran
Lord Moran

Alexander the Great

Literary vignettes

Doctor Roget

Moliere on doctors

Stendhal syndrome

two scottish tales
Two Scottish tales


Literature and medicine

Favorite quotes

“The Government are very keen on amassing statistics. They collect them, raise them to the nth power, take the cube root and prepare wonderful diagrams. But you must never forget that every one of these figures comes in the first instance from the village watchman who just puts down what he damn pleases.” (Sir Josiah Stamp)
More quotations

Man of one book

George Dunea

Should one read widely or concentrate on a few authors? And is there still a role for the man of one book? More…

Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library

musklemanAnna Lantz

This library is a one of Sweden’s cultural treasures. It houses 35,000 books. More…

Literary quiz

First sentences of great books!

From what books do these opening sentences come from?

Test your knowledge here!



Finding a Voice: poetry and images


Michelle Joy


J.M.S. Pearce

Eleonore Blaurock-Busch


Daniel Thomas Moran


James O. Ballard