Volume 3, Issue 1

Winter 2011


Of starlit huts and Sahelian sand, Sara Buck

What God gives: prayers from Africa, Marcia Whitney Schenck

Found in translation, Danielle Ofri

Artful Science, Julie Schnidman

Dreams of healing, Kari Lindholm-Johnson

The anatomy of beauty, Alan W. Bates

The god that I know, Rae Brown

Equanimity, Larry Zaroff

Those eyes, Susan Woldenberg Butler

Hooked, Emily Gregory-Roberts

The remarkable Baldwin IV, John J. Turner

Chopin’s heart, Wilfred Niels Arnold

Albrecht Durer’s Praying hands, W.R. Albury & George M. Weisz

Nursing diagnoses, Mat Matteson

Morning note, Jeanne Bryner

Portrait of nursing, Lynda Slimmer

A good bedside manner, Richard P. Holm

Meaning and the cognitive default, Basil Brooke

The human condition, Patrick D. Guinan

Blind date, Anthony Papagiannis

A fortunate man, Martin Duke

Research subject, Eric P. Cohen

Disciplinary architecture, Niyi Awofeso

Rice and reason, Wendy J. Gu

Prayer for my village, Jeanne Bryner

Cadaver Palavers, Aubrie Lee

The Veteran’s Hospital, Helen Foster

An evolving journey, Amy D. Webb

Breast cancer suite, Terri Kirby Erickson

Down a rabbit hole, Eli Cannon

Doctors like eponymity, Denis Gill

The doctor in literature, Solomon Posen