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The General Infirmary at Leeds

JMS Pearce Hull, United Kingdom   The General Infirmary at Leeds: 1771 Black and white image taken from a watercolor painting Presented to Leeds General Infirmary by Dr. J.R.H. Towers “The best hospitals in the world are not those which merely use new knowledge, but those which create it.” attributed to Sir George Pickering (1960) […]

San Francisco General Hospital: treating AIDS on Ward 5B

Jared Griffin Pennsauken, New Jersey, United States   San Francisco General Hospital on Flickr Walking down Potrero Hill’s 23rd Street past the San Francisco General Hospital today, one would never suspect the history that lies beyond its brick walls. Today, AIDS has faded to the background of the national discourse, even in San Francisco, the […]

Pennsylvania Hospital

Hannah Joyner Takoma Park, Maryland, United States   Pennsylvania Hospital, 1811 The Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia opened its doors more than two decades before the American colonies separated from Britain. Originally designed to care for all patients regardless of their circumstances, the hospital admitted those who could pay and those who could not. From the […]

Peter Bent Brigham Hospital

Anaeze C. Offodile II Joel T. Katz Boston, Massachusetts, United States   Figure from The American hospital of the twentieth century; a treatise on the development of medical institutions (1918) Before his death in 1877, Peter Bent Brigham, a prominent restaurateur, businessman and abolitionist in the Boston area, left a significant bequest for the creation […]

Public health measures derived from the Jewish tradition

Noam Zeffren, Tova Chein, Robert Stern New York, New York, United States   Jewish ingenuity has contributed widely to theology, philosophy, science, and many other areas of human endeavor. To the practice of medicine, influences from Jewish luminaries include Moses Maimonides, Sigmund Freud, Paul Ehrlich, and Jonah Salk. Less recognized are contributions from the Old […]

Pascal’s disease

Bo Laestadius Stockholm, Sweden   The French mathematician, physicist and philosopher Blaise Pascal was born in 1623. At the age of twelve he had already studied Euclid´s geometry on his own and had written a paper about sound waves. A few years later he designed and built a calculator. In mathematics he has given his […]

Out of the medicine cabinet: an out doctor in a closeted country

Anirban Chatterjee Dilshad Garden, Delhi, India   Earlier this year, having planned an interview-based analysis of the issues faced by transgender (LGBT) medical professionals acquiring medical education in India, I started contacting medical students and professionals in the LGBT community. Since I myself am a part of this community, I was able to locate them […]

An emigrant doctor’s linguistic journey on crutches

Zeynel A. Karcioglu Charlottesville, Virginia, United States   Figure 1. A photograph of Kemal Atatürk unveiling the new Turkish alphabet in 1928. I am a linguistic cripple like many other immigrants. When I came to the United States as a foreign medical graduate I was rather young, but the neurocognitive linguistic skills of my Turkish […]

Aristotelian gender bias in modern depictions of fertilization

Brit Trogen New York, New York   In 1991, anthropologist Emily Martin argued that accounts of human fertilization in medical textbooks often applied gendered language and stereotypes to anthropomorphized representations of the sperm and egg.1 “Masculine” sperm were depicted as strong adventurers, heroes, and conquerors, actively swimming towards the egg and “penetrating” its defenses.1 “Feminine” […]

The influence of the internet on medical student learning: A personal perspective

P. Ravi Shankar Oranjestad, Aruba   The Medical College sprawls across a rocky hillside at Mulangunnathukavu (a real mouthful of a name) in a village some twelve kilometers from the town of Thrissur in central Kerala. It is a converted tuberculosis sanatorium, its various departments and administrative buildings housed in modified buildings. The kingdom of […]