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  • The Foundling Hospital and Dr. Richard Mead

    JMS Pearce Hull, England   [Mead] physician who lived more in the broad sunshine of life than almost any man – Dr. Samuel Johnson (Boswell’s Johnson IV. 222)   Fig 1. The Foundling Hospital, Holborn, London. Engraving by B. Cole, 1754, after P. Fourdrinier, 1742. Wellcome Collection. The Foundling Hospital in Lamb’s Conduit Field in…

  • The Gold-Headed Cane revisited

    JMS PearceEast Yorks, England Over many centuries there have been several icons symbolic of medical practice. Typical is the single serpent, the Aesculapian wand — a “totem of Medicine”— seen in the constellation Ophiochus (the serpent holder). Serpents in ancient cultures represented fertility, rebirth, and strength. The Aesculapian wand is often confused with the two…