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  • Tumultuous crescendos and tranquil decrescendos in Ravel’s work

    Michael Yafi Chaden Yafi Houston, Texas, United States   Maurice Ravel in his hometown, 1914. Via Wikimedia.  The world is commemorating the 95th anniversary of Maurice Ravel’s Boléro. The composer continues to be one of the most enigmatic classical music personalities. Born in 1875 in Ciboure, France, he displayed from an early age a keen…

  • Maurice Ravel’s neurologic disease

    The French composer Maurice Ravel appears to have suffered from a localized neurological disease that spared higher brain functions but interfered with the basic activities of living. In neurological parlance this translates itself into loss of the ability to speak (aphasia), write (agraphia), read (alexia), or carry out complex brain directed movements or tasks (apraxia).…