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The origin and evolution of Padua hospitals

Alberto Zanatta Fabio Zampieri Padua, Italy    The first picture (XVI century) of San Francesco Hospital with the characteristic colonnade of Padua architecture The hospital San Francesco Grande in Padua was founded by the Piombino jurist Baldo Bonafari (†1418) and his wife Sibilla de Cetto (†1421), who also financed the construction of the San Francesco […]

The revolution of Andreas Vesalius

Fabio Zampieri Alberto Zanatta Padua, Italy     Portrait of Vesalius from De Humani Corporis Fabrica Born in Brussels in 1514, Andreas Vesalius studied Latin, Greek, and Hebrew in Leuven, and medicine in Paris. Arriving in Padua, at that time “the most famous gymnasium in the world,” he graduated in medicine in 1537 and was […]