Layla A. Al-Jailani

Obstetrical fistula: A malady hidden by shame

Alexandros Argyriadis and Agathi Argyriadi

Female Genital Mutilation: cultural practices, historical moments, and medical issues

Maria Barna

 Dead people healing alcoholism

Aneesa Bodiat

Mixing medicine – religion and science

Barry Bogin

Rachel Fleming and the non-reality of “racial types”

Sinem Çaka, Nursan Çınar, and Sümeyra Topal

A traditional practice in baby care: salting

Howard Fischer

Tattoos in the twentieth century

Florence Gelo and Rosemary Harris

When you cannot decide witch doctor to consult

Carole A. Travis Henikoff

Cannibalism: just what the doctor ordered

Zeynel Karcioglu

An emigrant doctor’s linguistic journey on crutches

Donia Khafaga

A story of the oppressed

Philip R. Liebson

Dr. Aufderheide and the mummies

Olga Loeber

The evolution of attitude towards sexual health in the Netherlands

Friedrich C. Luft and Detlev Ganten

Rudolf Virchow and the anthropology of race

Bernardo Ng

Haunted by a living spirit

Oyinade Osisanya

Yellow Fever: Harmful habit or new frontier in identity dysphoria?

Charles Paccione

The anthropology of chronic pain

Debi Roberson

Mind the translation gap

C. Anthony Ryan and Bridget Maher

Pediatric pishogues

Özge Suzan and Nursan Çinar

The role of lullabies in mother-baby attachment

Søren Ventegodt

The thousand-year-old rainforest shamanistic tradition of healing touch

Judith Wagner

Death by voodoo: truth or tale?

Simon Wein

The snake, the staff, and the healer
The pyramids of Petach Tikvah

Larry Zaroff

To mount a camel


More on Arthur Aufderheide, the mummy doctor (1922–2013) WIN ’23
Marc Ruffer, founder of paleopathology
(George Dunea) WIN ’23
Studying mummies and eggs: The delights of paleopathology
(George Dunea) WIN ’23