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Defibrillation and Treadmill

Stuart Rosenbush
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Artist painting - Defibrillation


Artist’s statement

“Treadmill” tries to serve as a metaphor for human experiences, with varying paths and roads, ups and downs and surprises. “Defibrillation” is a pictorial representation of a disruptive, abnormal heart beat, triggering a potentially fatal, irregular heart rhythm—which is successfully restored to normal by an electrical discharge.

STUART W. ROSENBUSH, MD, is a physician who practices cardiology in Chicago at Rush University Medical Center who has been painting since his teens. His works are in the styles of abstract expressionism and surrealism, and are are often inspired by medical themes, landscapes, music, and cosmic phenomena. He typically uses vividly colored acrylic paints as his usual medium.

Summer 2014



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