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Book review: Frank Pantridge MC

Arpan K. Banerjee Solihull, United Kingdom   Book cover of Frank Pantridge MC: Japanese Prisoner of War and Inventor of the Portable Defibrillator. Frank Pantridge is not a name that is widely known. His most important legacy is the design of the portable defibrillator, a device that has saved countless lives. In this biography, Cecil […]

Defibrillation and Treadmill

Stuart Rosenbush Chicago, Illinois, United States Treadmill   Defibrillation   Artist’s statement “Treadmill” tries to serve as a metaphor for human experiences, with varying paths and roads, ups and downs and surprises. “Defibrillation” is a pictorial representation of a disruptive, abnormal heart beat, triggering a potentially fatal, irregular heart rhythm—which is successfully restored to normal […]