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Leaving you behind

Rutland, United Kingdom

Poet’s statement: It seems only yesterday my beloved died. Months have passed and life is moving on, whether I want it to or not. This poem solidified itself in my mind as I felt caught between having to move on, while still desperately clinging to all he meant to me.

Leaving you behind

My love, I am leaving you behind.

Boat on the beach, Photography by Benjamin Haile
Photography by Benjamin Haile

The ship of my life sails on.
I cannot wave goodbye,
And the image I conjure of you
Blurs in my mind without the sparkle

Of ideas and fun and love
That shot from you like fireworks.
As I plod through the year
A growing pile of memories
Are filed without you,
And what I hold of you
Trickles like water from my hands.
Forgive me, love. I ache
But cannot take you with me.
This betrayal is as certain
As sunrise or the next full moon,
Life goes on, they say,
So I leave you behind
And like an old photograph, you fade.


MARAH is a practicing doctor who writes poetry as a hobby to cope with the loss of her husband. To keep a barrier between her personal and professional life she writes under a pseudonym—Marah. This was also the name taken by Ruth’s mother-in-law in the Bible, when she lost her husband and sons.

About the photographer

Benjamin Haile has a studio in Chicago. He specializes in headshots and portraits and enjoys taking photos on wilderness hikes. Benjamin can be contacted through his website at www.BenjaminHailePhoto.com.


Highlighted in Frontispiece Spring 2011 – Volume 3, Issue 2

Spring 2011  |  Sections  |  Poetry

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