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The art of consumption – TB and John Lavery

Emily Boyle Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast Trust, Belfast, Northern Ireland   1. “The sick child” 2. “Camille Monet sur son Lit de Mort” 3. “An Irish girl” Tuberculosis, (TB) is often regarded as a historical disease – in the 1880’s it caused a quarter of all deaths in the UK. Mortality rates from TB fell […]

Manga as medical critique

Adil Menon Cleveland, Ohio (Summer 2017)   Osama Tezuka 1951 “Godfather of Manga” Stark lines are often drawn in American and European literature between graphic novels, which cater primarily to adults, and comics, which despite their broad appeal are perceived as being meant for younger audiences.  No such dichotomy exists within the Japanese medium of […]

Cruel to be kind

Thom Ferrier United Kingdom (Winter 2012)   When does “eliciting a response using pain” turn into sadism? While working in the Emergency Department in the ’90s, I would sometimes perceive an apparent vindictiveness in the actions of colleagues—and occasionally recognized within myself—born of tiredness, frustration, or a sense of being manipulated by a patient. At […]