Volume 6, Issue 2

Agnew Clinic
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In this issue we are pleased to present the winning Brief of the Vesalius Prize, Leonardo and the reinvention of anatomy by Dr. Salvatore Mangione. We received many excellent entries for this contest, and we have a selection of these showcased in the “Feature Briefs” section. We also highlight many other interesting topics, including Eliot’s triad, Pacini’s corpuscles, Boyle’s law, the history of epilepsy and of the Bank of England. Finally, we invite you to peruse our Briefs, Library, and Gallery sections for more works relating to the medical humanities.

Vesalius Prize

Leonardo and the reinvention of anatomy…Salvatore Mangione

Feature Briefs

Shiloh…Winona Winkler Wendth
Paul Brand and the myth of rotting flesh
…Anthony Papagiannis
Vesalius: spirit of excellence and inquiry…JMS Pearce
In pursuit of a new anatomy…Roseanne Zhao


Bank of England medical officers…Charles Raymond Gill
Health care system of China in antiquity…Chi Lu & Ping Yu
The rebirth of medicine…Constantina Pitsillides
Illuminating the third millennium…William Wehrmacher
Bidloo and Ruysch…Elisabeth Brander


Pacini’s corpuscles…Gianfranco Natale & Paolo Lenzi
How will I change three buses to get to that hospital?…Bindu Desai
Epilepsy: from the early civilizations to modern days… MAS Ahmed


Mystery and drama in clinical case reports…Julia Dahlkamp
The checklist mentality…Ruri Ashida & Graham McMahon
Connecting literature with medicine…Rubina Naqvi
Eliot’s triad in clinical medicine…Anthony Papagiannis
The language of narrative in medicine…Ann Redpath
Literature in medical school…Tabitha Sparks


Creativity and human nature…Richard Caselli
Uncertaincy a new application of Boyle’s law…Robert Cutillo
The hidden city of the cell…Nicola Hodson
William Alcott in the 19th century…Catherine Mas


The stomach – a biography by Jeremy Hugh Baron…James Franklin
From Merdle to Madoff – Literary Vignette
On being idle and a patient – Literary Vignette
Why are most babies born at night? – Literary Vignette