Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities

Volume 5, Issue 1



Feature Articles

Munchausen syndrome by proxy …. Nereida Esparza

The doctor and the baron …. George Dunea

The sweating sickness in Tudor England …. Philip R. Liebson

Medical History

Early days of the Nobel Prize …. Juan–Carlos Argüelles

Dr. Wedekind’s son: a Frank story …. Frank A. Wollheim
Thomas Linacre (1460-1524) …. Patrick Guinan

Dr. Guillotin (1738–1814)—reformer and humanitarian

Art and Medicine

Art and medicine in Renaissance Siena …. Sally Metzler

X-Ray Art …. Byung Kook Kwak

Running on empty …. Zel Brook
Lavinia Fontana – Ambras syndrome

Medicine and Literature

Doctors and illness in Boccaccio’s Decameron …. Maria Sgouridou

Pediatric pishogues …. C. Anthony Ryan & Bridget Maher

The doctor’s revenge in Jules Verne’s Mathias Sandorf
Edgar Allen Poe and The Masque of the Red Death

Doctors, Patients, and Diseases

Waiting for the darkness to lift …. Sheila Solomon Klass

Something red …. Laura Loertscher

Borderline …. William Marshall

Mind and Body

A good mother …. Jessica Gregg

The aftermath of trauma …. Shaili Jain

Personal Narratives

Gregor goes to the doctor…. Larry Zaroff

On Becoming a Medical Professional

Restraint: a foot-binding story …. Daniel Enjay Wong

The Triple A …. Kyle Amber

Passing on compassion …. Angela Hyde

Medical Education

Observing the human condition …. Thomas J. Papadimos

Famous hospitals

The Royal London Hospital …. Peter D. Hart


Alternate reality. The magic age …. Adrienne M. Jenness

I held my father’s hand. Farewell to an ex-lover …. Elizabeth L. Colledge

My first medical rotation …. Shawn Khosla

Guillain-Barré. Vanishing twin …. John A. Vanek

The first cut …. Lisa Friedman

My break. Work and family. In OR 5 …. Steve Cushman


Pantisocracy and small aliquots …. JMS Pearce
Quentin Massys – The Ugly Duchess


Dr. Jeremiah Kenoyer’s cancer cure …. Jonathan D. Lewis

Go to work on an egg …. Liam Farrell
Giddiness …. W. B. Matthews
Medical Limericks