Volume 4, Issue 1

Winter 2012 


Graphic medicine, Ian Williams

Cruel to be kind, Thom Ferrier

Lovesickness in art and medicine, Frank Gonzalez-Crussi

On not remembering faces, Christopher C. Hemond

The surgeon, John Graham-Pole

Naming diseases, JMS Pearce

Stomach acid dream, Mia Brownwell

Gentle men, Alan Blum

Viral combat, Clare Rosean

Fra Bartolommeo, George Dunea

Shadowing artists on the wards, Pamela Brett-MacLean

On becoming a good physcian, L. Lewis Wall

When you can’t decide witch doctor to consult, Florence Gelo & Rosemary Harris

Bed-side library, Education

Weighing medical evidence, Philip K. Wilson

Blood at Borodino, George Dunea

Mahler at 100, Salvatore Mangione

There is an elephant in the room, David Valentine

Wandervogel syndrome

Free and slave doctors

Laughter yoga, Bharata Wingham

The power of the creative, Margo Davis

Dancing with Dex, Viola Moriarty

Predicting hear attack, Shridhar Dwivedi

The Therapist, Glen Aylward

Ro, Glenn Webb

Psychosocial – Hospice House, Jim Gustafson

Views from the Asylum, Robert Ferrari