Volume 4, Issue 1

Feature articles

Graphic medicine

MonstersDr. Ian Williams
Wales, United Kingdom

Modern comics demand academic consideration from narrative, healthcare, and art scholars. More…

Cruel to be kind

cruel to be kind page 1Dr. Thom Ferrier
United Kingdom

When does “eliciting a response using pain” turn into sadism? More…

Lovesickness in art and medicine

ChlorosisFrank Gonzalez-Crussi, MD
Chicago, Illinois

Have you ever suffered the pangs of romantic passion? More…

On not remembering faces

Christopher C. Hemond
Palo Alto, California

Comedian Groucho Marx said, “I never forget a face but for you I’ll make an exception.” More…

The surgeon

John Graham-Pole, MD
Antigonish, Canada

Eli cannot remember a time before the warts, a time before they first plugged his airway. More…

Naming diseases

JMS Pearce, MD
Hull, United Kingdom

What criteria define what is or what is not a disease? More…


Art and Medicine

Stomach acid dream

CoverMia Brownell, MFA
New Haven, Connecticut

A meditation on the genetic makeup of food invites the viewer to celebrate life. More…

Gentle men

Gentle menAlan Blum, MD
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Sketching allowed one physician to see more clearly through the eyes of his patients. More…

Viral combat

the floating fluClare Rosean
Chicago, Illinois

This quirky visual account illustrates why it so utterly miserable to be sick. More…

Fra Bartolommeo

Modonna and Child


Medical education

Shadowing artists
on the wards

Paintbrush in handPamela Brett-MacLean, PhD
Edmonton, Canada

Positive impact of an arts-based medical elective for students. More…

On becoming a good physician

L. Lewis Wall, MD, DPhil
St. Louis, Missouri

In this dialogue set in Ancient Greece, Zeno tells Cleanthes what it takes to become a good physician. More

When you can’t decide witch doctor to consult

EDFlorence Gelo, DMin &
Rosemary Harris, MD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This “Vodou Viagra” tale illustrates the role of indigenous healing practices. More…

Bed-side library

From Aequanimitas

A liberal education may be had at a very slight cost of time and money. Sir William Osler Bt., MD, FRS suggested a list of 10 books to the student of medicine. More…


Medical history

Weighing medical evidence

Philip K. Wilson, PhD
Hershey, Pennsylvania

Even Francis Bacon was in favor of evidence-based medicine. In Novum Organum (1620), he provided a framework for the experimental method. More…

Blood at Borodino

BorodinoGeorge Dunea, MD
Chicago, Illinois

At Borodino, Napoleon fought one of the bloodiest battles in the history of mankind. More…

Mahler at 100

Salvatore Mangione, MD
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The curse of the Ninth Symphony: Streptococcus viridans endocarditis—a death sentence in pre-antibiotic times. More…


Literature and medicine

Favorite quotes

If your doctor does not think it good for you to sleep, to take wine or some particular meat, do not worry; I will find you another who will disagree with him (Montaigne, 1580)
More quotations

There is an elephant in the room

David Valentine
Rochester, New York

“I’ve lost my erector spinae,” my husband said to me. “They make pills for that now,” I told him.

Literary quiz

First sentences of great books!

From what books do these opening sentences come from?

Test your knowledge here!


On doctors

Wandervogel syndtome

suitcaseReprinted from
The Lancet, 1966

Are medical meetings largely a waste of time and money? More

Free and slave doctors

From Plato, Laws, 360 BCE

And have you further observed that there are slaves as well as free men among the patients… More…

Creativity & health

Laughter yoga

Laughing BuddhaBharata Wingham
Buckingham, VA

When did you last have a good laugh?

The power of the creative

MandalaMargo Davis
Buffalo, New York

What does an artist-in-residence in a hospital do? More…



Viola Moriarty

She takes the woman’s part, stepping back on her right. I try to lead, pushing her back into night
What color is cancer? More…

Glenn Webb

Poor R0, so much abused.
Its calculation confused.
Sometimes high, sometimes low, More…

Shridhar Dwivedi

One who smokes hookah bidior cigarette,
Strews stubs bedside smoking late night,
Chewing tobacco gutka masalaleft right More..

Jim Gustafson

Wilma, on morphine, feels little pain
She is miles away from herself
Even further from her children More…

Glen P. Aylward

A thin film of depression,
gray. Bold slash of anger,
seems red. More…

Robert Ferrari

I paint to free myself of all my thoughts,
Smoking them out, purging them from my brain,
Setting fire to my eyes, ears and mouth More…