Volume 3, Issue 3

Fall 2011


Dirty laundry, Mary T. Shannon

A song for me, Steve Sobel

Hunger, Brian D. Moseley

Sunbathing the mind, Karen De Looze

From changelings to extraterrestrials, William R. Albury

A happy individual knows nothing, Basil Brooke

Heartland down, Stephanie Ezell

Possessions, Margaret Irene

The privilege of memory loss, Meg Smith

For you, I want to be more, Megan Winkelman

Jane Austen and the hypochondriacs, George Dunea

Using book clubs in higher education, William Pens-on

The flutter of an aching heart, Hugh Silk

Shame, Jeanne Bereiter

A difficult conversation, Ajanta Naidu

Ivan, Christopher H. Cameron

Five minutes to midnight, Dean Gianakos

Struggles, gratitude, and love, Jeconda Harris & David G. Thoele

Oaths, codes, and charters in medicine over the ages, L. J. Sandlow

Patient compliance in the 18th Century, Einar Perman

A friendship between two Swedish humanists, Frank A. Wollheim

A lasting effect, Bryan Sisk

I’m sorry to hear that, Ana Liang

Protecting a child’s true essence, Anjali Vidya Varma

Them, Jorge A. Lazareff

Miracle, Gordon L. Kauffman

Events of the Day – The date I will never have, Michael Wynn