Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities

Volume 3, Issue 2

Spring 2011


There is time, Joel L. Chinitz

The sound of a wild snail eating, Elisabeth Tova Bailey

My father’s glasses, Geoff Kronik

What about the blood?, W. Roy Smythe

Blind faith, Susan Woldenberg Butler

Sreptococcus and me, Andrea Meyerhoff

The lament of the Old Woman of Beare, Basil Brooke

Crossing boundaries, Mary t. Shannon

Ending one’s life on the stage, Angela Belli

And a time to die, Katherine Arnup

Our father who art on earth, Peter Sullivan

The myth of the white coat, Lauren Smith

Breese nursing home, Ellen Jantzen

A Christmas party, Loretta Downs

Father’s Day on the 12th floor, Maggie Schwarz

Anticipatory grieving, Constance E. Putnam

The homemaker, Constance E. Putnam

Sitting here, Shalamar Sibley

Leaving you behind, Marah Rutland

Rethinking knowledge of terminal illness, James B. Rickert

Immortal death, Karen De Looze

A dying patient’s perspective on truth-telling, Shimon M. Glick

The birth and death of the day, Lisa Lunney

Beech leaves, L. N. Allen

Immigrants, all, Eric Pfeiffer

Seasons – Random, Donna Pucciani

What matters, Anne Clemente

Continuation day, Shaista Tayabali

Always, autumn leaves, John A. Vanek

Living well before we die, Caroline Wellbery

La Maison, Eric Breitbart

Dame Cicely Saunders, Julie Silverman

The US hospice movement, Emily Bethea

Reverse birth, Helen Montague Foster

Bold flavor & full pockets, Jan A. Jahner

In my ending, Sister Eileen Haugh

Turning points, Loretta Downs

The spiritual dimension of advance directives planning, Kathleen Blanchfield

Ice cream or Mozart, Leon Morgenstern

Advance directives, Daniel Becker

Desert blooms, Geraldine Gorman

My mom’s death, Kristen Erickson

Letters to Dad, Erin Brady

Teaching death, Boris D. Veysman

Latricia, Kristine Adams Former

In the OR, Kelly Klein

Balloons, John A. Vanek

Four-leaf clover, Dr. Upreet Dhaliwal

Death and the organ donor, Karen Dyer

End-of-life care: contributions from WD Ross’s ethics & the Judaic tradition, Ronald W. Pies

Must life always be prolonged?, Patrick D. Guinan

The good death, Raeford E. Brown

Is there a good death?, Frank Gonzalez-Crussi

Dr. Gianakos, I think he’s awake now, Dean Guanacos

Time, Paul Rousseau

A good death, John Henning Schumann

Where is the dignity in death, Therese Kwiatkowski