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In my ending …

Sister Eileen Haugh
Rochester, Minnesota, USA


Poet’s statement: This poem, like so many others I have written, was born of a need to express how I was feeling about a certain happening or person. Here I am contemplating the cancer that is slowly eating away at my life and what it will mean in terms of leaving behind so much that I have loved, most importantly the people so dear to me. This writing holds a hopeful belief that, hard as it is, God is drawing me into the oneness of all.


In my ending . . .

Now I Will

Now will I lay me down
Like a circlet of moon
On the unfriendly dark

Wschód księżyca (Moonrise), 1884 - Stanisław Masłowski, Polish (1853-1926) - Oil on canvas - 124 x 220 cm

Wschód księżyca (Moonrise), 1884

Stanisław Masłowski, Polish (1853-1926)

Oil on canvas

124 × 220 cm


(Behold I am doing something new)

Your face
Turns toward me in

White invitation

Burning my being
Totally into Yours

So we are one.

And all the real-church
Real-world, pain,
Question, beauty, what
Change, prayer,
Now, when, horizon
What comes next.

And God’s hand
Turns to me
Like a circlet of moon,
Gathers me in
So we are one.

. . . is my meaning.





SISTER EILEEN HAUGH, OSF (Order of Saint Francis) attended the College of Saint Teresa in Winona, Minnesota. She received the religious habit and was sent to teach in Chicago. She taught in various cities, and was named the principal in several schools including Winona’s Catholic Schools after its reorganization with Cotter Junior High. Leaving Cotter, she was assigned to the role of personal secretary to the Congregational President. Sister Eileen has worked as an assistant in the Communications Office at Assisi Heights, writing whenever the Spirit moves her.


Highlighted in Frontispiece Spring 2011 – Volume 3, Issue 2

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