Volume 10, Issue 2




Winners of the 2018 summer writing contest


Tales from the crypt: the mosaic symbolism of Louis Pasteur’s tomb, by Dr. Abigail Cline

The education of Doctor Chekhov, by Dr. Jack Coulehan

“Mississsippi Appendectomy” and other stories: when silence is complicity, by Dr. Alida Rol


“I shouldn’t know you again if we did
meet:” Prosopagnosia
, by Dr. Sylvia Karasu


A hospital for sick children,
by Joseph deBettencourt


The basest of the senses: medical unease
with the sense of smell
, by Rebecca Shulman

Cultivating clinical compassion
with cultural encounters
, by Jeffrey Lee


The monarch, the musician, and the
, by Dr. Jesus Ramírez-Bermudez


Medical deafness or the madness of
war: Goya’s motivation…
, by Sarah Bahr

Bugs and people: when epidemics change
, by Dr. Salvatore Mangione


Why ‘Nurse’ Grace Poole is the greatest
puzzle in Jane Eyre
, by Sarah Wise


The unsexed woman: depictions of
, by Katherina Baranova