Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities


Eric Breitbart
La Maison: A palliative care center in France

Joan Callahan
A pilgrim’s poems from the heart

George Dunea
Stendhal syndrome, a hazard of tourism
A visit to New York: A wonderful town
Dead Sea: health claims and tourist delights

David Gullette
A column of volcanic sand

Rachel Kowalczyl
Taking note from nature: The wild heart of Panama

Kozlova Liudmyla
Medical tourism

Niina Majaniemi
Running in my blood

Mary Ann McDermott
Journaling – enhancing the arts experience while traveling

Einar Perman
Doctor Moore in Italy
John Moore M.D. physician, travel writer and social commentator

Khwan Phusrisom
Traditional medicine in Yang Talat district, Isaan, Thailand 

John Raffensperger
The navel of the world: belly buttons, innies and outies

Lynn Veach Sadler
Beyond negativity

L.J. Sandlow
The hospital that treated patients with music

L.J. Sandlow and George Dunea
Asclepius at Epidaurus
Ephesus and its renowned physicians
Budapest: medicine and paprika
The Emberá of Panama

Robert Schenck
Travels with Genghis

Jessie Seiler
The Waiting Room

Lynda Slimmer
Art and healing pilgrimage to France: the art of re-imagining

James Smith
Behind the green partition

Kathleen L. Taylor and Mary Ann McDermott
Hope, health and healing on the Tiber

Bryan Walpole
Doctor on an expedition to the Antarctic

Winona Winkler Wendth
Body heat: September 1944