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The disease you do not see

Aaron Berkowitz New York, New York, USA   Self Portrait, By Aaron Berkowitz (author) You look normal, good even. Statistically you are bigger, stronger than billions of people alive (and those who have died). You learn to repeat mantras to affirm your being. There is power in prayer when action is impossible. You cry more […]

In the beginning: the Bible’s solution to obesity

Josie Hulme North Ogden, Utah, United States   “Feasting on the word of God” takes on another meaning when searching the scriptures for instruction on healthy eating. By Emma Hulme One Bible story clearly related to health is that of Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, had conquered the people of Judah and brought many Israelites back […]

Corruption and organ trafficking in Egyptian medicine

Hossam Reda Ghalab Tanta, Egypt   A scar left on a kidney trafficking victim. Healthcare for the indigent in developing countries often leaves much to be desired. Organ trafficking is rampant, its prevalence rising alarmingly and for some constituting a thriving business. In Egypt, each year hundreds of poor Egyptians sell their kidneys and livers […]

The ghosts of yesteryear

Sarah Howard Boise, Idaho, United States   The Original Mercy Hospital Building in 20141 Some old buildings are drenched in mystery, regardless of their intended purpose or how many times they have been remodeled. I have often considered that the grand, century-old, empty building down the street was no exception, and furthermore, I stick to the […]

The Polish White Cross – birthed on American soil to support Polish soldiers abroad

Magdalena Grassmann Bialystok, Poland Eva Niklinska Nashville, Tennessee, USA   Helena Paderewska with the nurses of The Polish White Cross, 1918   Polish White Cross Symbol Polish medical heritage in the United States has a long history built on the efforts of Polish physicians, nurses, and pharmacists in many American universities, hospitals, and private practices. […]