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The Joker and his Frankenstein

Snaiha Iyer Narayan India   The Joker & His Frankenstein, 14th September 2021. By Snaiha Iyer Narayan. In recent decades, cinematic portrayals of medical conditions have garnered variant review. The Joker has been an iconic film in popular culture in part because of its portrayal of mental illness and depiction of societal stereotypes. An often disregarded […]

Amnesia remembered

Karen Langer New York, New York, United States   Amnesia, the medical record noted. He developed amnesia after a mechanical fall on black ice, resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury and a hip fracture. After surgery to repair the hip, there was onset of metabolic encephalopathy, and between the encephalopathy and the brain injury […]

Capturing recovery from trauma on canvas

Eliette Markhbein New York, United States   Her biography I came to painting as a result of trauma. A journalist covering arts and culture for European and American magazines for 25 years, I suffered a traumatic brain and spine injury in 2004, the consequence of being struck by a speeding car. I picked up brushes […]

WHACK’ed … and then everything was different: portraits of traumatic brain injury survivors

Eliette Markhbein New York, United States   My show, WHACK’ed  . . .  and then everything was different, honors traumatic brain injury (TBI) survivors who changed perceptions of TBI and disability and became role models for millions. The series of large scale portraits personify the various causes of TBI as well as the diversity of […]