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  • Humanitarian for all: The life of Henry Dunant

    Stephen KosnarLima, Peru In his late thirties and bankrupt, Henry Dunant lived in abject poverty, on occasion being forced to eat bread crusts and sleep outdoors in Paris. It is a bitter slice of one man’s history, particularly given that only a few years earlier he had founded the International Committee of the Red Cross.1…

  • Welcome to The Jungle: the story of adopting two food safety laws

    Stephen Kosnar Accra, Ghana   In the heart of the Great Union Stock Yards, Chicago, U.S.A. Kelley & Chadwick. C.1909. Accessed from the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs catalog. In 1912 my great-grandfather Matthew Kosnar collected his family in rural Bohemia and began a journey that would take them by train, ship, and train…