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Tag: Robert Craig

  • Mental hospital memories of another era

    Robert Craig Brisbane, Queensland, Australia   The former St. Audry’s Hospital. Photo by Adrian S Pye. CC BY-SA 2.0. In 1964, having obtained a place to study medicine at Cambridge University, I was given the opportunity as a medical student to work as an assistant nurse for three months in a large residential mental hospital…

  • The Changi diary and paintings: the partnership of a doctor and an artist

    Robert Craig Brisbane, Queensland, Australia   Malnutrition, Pellagra (left), Tropical Ulcersa, Avitaminosis (middle),¬†Glossitis, and Solar Dermatosis (right) in Australian prisoners of war.¬† Three paintings and a diary in a handwritten exercise book are in the collection of the Marks Hirschfeld Medical Museum in Brisbane, Australia. They represent an episode of extraordinary courage, survival, cooperation, and…