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Tag: post-partum hemorrhage

  • The paradox of blood donation

    Beukou SteveLimbe, South-West Cameroon “Please I urgently need a donor who is blood group O rhesus negative for my sister to be operated. Please tell any of your friends.” These types of messages have become the newest type of notifications on our social media platforms in Cameroon. The notifications, while made up of  different combinations…

  • Transfusion reactions hidden from history

    Philip CrispinAustralian Capital Territory Dr. James Blundell (1790–1878) was the first to transfuse blood from one human to another, with variable success. At the forefront of transfusion, he also played a role too in understanding transfusion reactions. He completed his medical degree in Edinburgh, then trained under his uncle, Dr. Haighton, whom he later succeeded…