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Tag: Penicillin V

  • Dr. Marilyn Gaston’s lifesaving research

    Howard Fischer Uppsala, Sweden   Sickle cell anemia. Illustration by BruceBlaus on Wikimedia. CC BY-SA 4.0. “[W]e can seize the opportunity to honor the too-often-neglected accomplishments of [B]lack Americans in every endeavor throughout our history.”1 – President Gerald Ford, 1976   Marilyn Gaston, MD (b. 1939), grew up in a poor family, with both parents…

  • Novice doctor at Guy’s Hospital in 1964

    Hugh Tunstall-PedoeDundee, Scotland, United Kingdom Initiation My initiation as a novice doctor at Guy’s Hospital, London (Fig 1) was as junior partner to the legendary King of Surgery and Queen of Nursing. It was 1964. Clinical students in London medical schools with first degrees at Cambridge University went back there for their final exams, predominantly…