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  • Broca’s Brains: A lesson in the importance of saving the history of neuroscience

    Richard Brown Halifax, NS, Canada Thalia Garvock-de Montbrun Montreal, QC, Canada   Figure 1. Brain of patient (Lelong) with aphasia studied by Broca. Photo taken by Richard Brown May 2017. Recent fires at the National Museum of Brazil and at the University of Cape Town in South Africa1,2 have shown the fragility of rare books,…

  • Rodin’s Large Left Hand 1903

    Seth JudsonSanta Barbara, California, United States Walking down Madison Avenue in 1947, B. Gerald Cantor saw in a window a bronze sculpture of Rodin’s The Hand of God. This would be his first Rodin purchase, igniting the curiosity and passion that would eventually cause Cantor to endow Stanford University with the second largest Rodin collection…