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St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London

Rebecca Green Mas Ahmed United Kingdom   St. Batholomew’s Hospital courtyard with the Fountain as it stands today Source: photograph taken by Farah Aga, used with kind permission. There is something about St Bartholomew’s Hospital, something – it may be in its age, its history or its associations – which creates towards it and, in […]

The incubator

MAS Ahmed Natasja Vandepitte London   The Nursling, by Pierre Budin, translated by William Maloney. London: Caxton Publishing Co.; 1907.   The incubator is a common sight in every Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Its history is of interest because of its influence on patient care and on the ensuing societal change. Babies were an […]

Epilepsy: From the early civilizations to modern days

MAS Ahmed Ridhwan Bin Hassan London, United Kingdom   Early civilizations Dr. Guertin’s nerve syrup, c. 1910 Since ancient times epileptic seizures have been subject to paranormal and superstitious beliefs, ranging from demonic causes to divine intervention. Some of the earliest observations were made by the Babylonians, who among their stone slabs on medical diagnostics […]

The history of the stethoscope

MAS Ahmed Romford, United Kingdom Victoria Turnock London, United Kingdom Laennec’s stethoscope circa 1819. No other symbol is as entwined with the concept of being a doctor as the stethoscope. It is currently one of the most widely used tools that doctors and nurses use for diagnostic purposes. Before its invention auscultation was done by […]