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A Journal of Medical Humanities

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  • A birth remembered

    F. Gonzalez-Crussi Chicago, Illinois, United States   Figure 1. The Birth of Benjamin and the Death of Rachel, by Francesco Furini (1600 or 1603–1646). Wellcome Collection. Public domain. Memory is to old age as presbyopia (far-sightedness) is to eyesight. Presbyopia makes you lose the ability to see clearly at a normal near working distance while…

  • Where doctors cannot reach: Tales from a British High Street

    Suchita Shah Oxford, United Kingdom   Spring High Street, Oxford, England, 2018. Photography: Suchita Shah © 2018 Suchita Shah “I wonder if it’s contagious?” In a tiny shop on a middling-sized street in my city, a handful of women and I were immersed in a springtime ritual of beautification and small talk: haircutting. One woman…