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  • Kokumo: The child will not die again

    Odia IyohaLagos, Nigeria It was 1838 in the ancient town of Ake, the era of the Abikus. The harmattan wind blew with reckless abandon, tinting everything living and non-living along its course. The leaves turned reddish brown from green, the roofs were caked with layers of dust and the buildings encrusted with patches of dirt.…

  • Not all heroes wear capes

    Cross De Idialu Port Harcourt, Nigeria   Symptoms of Ebola. Illustration by Mikael Häggström. August 2, 2014. by Mikael Häggström. August 2, 2014. Public Domain, It was the year 2014, and an unknown deadly disease was eating deep into the western region of the African continent. The first case was said to have occurred on…