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The Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, Gabon

Judith Wagner Munich, Germany   Welcome to the jungle In a sultry day in equatorial Africa. The oppressive heat stifles all but the most necessary conversation between the few individuals perched on a wooden plank of the canoe floating along the vast  lazy stream. On the banks of the Ogooué, lush vegetation drifts past. The monkeys’ […]

“Breath of life you’ll be to me” – the portrayal of tuberculosis in the opera La Traviata

Judith Wagner Munich, Germany   Maria Callas in La Traviata The white half-round of the stage is illuminated with an eerie blue light. The only prop is a large clock on the right-hand side. A dark figure is seated beside it. The door on the left opens and the heroine – clad all in red […]

Death by voodoo: truth or tale?

Judith N. Wagner Munich, Germany     Figure 1. A pointing bone used for voodoo spells. “Their medicine men have tremendous power over them: if they doom one of them to die, the unfortunate will accept his fate, isolate himself from his family and pass away within a short time.” I vividly remember the octogenarian, […]