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Tag: Jean Cruveilhier

  • Multiple sclerosis: Early descriptions

    JMS Pearce Hull, England Clinical MS: Augustus D’Este, McKenzie It was almost two centuries ago that the best known and possibly the first detailed patient’s description of multiple sclerosis (MS) was recorded. It survives in the diaries (1822-48) and almanac of Sir Augustus D’Este, the Harrovian grandson of King George III.1,2 In December 1822, when he…

  • Jean Cruveilhier – first described the lesions of multiple sclerosis

    Jean Cruveilhier was born in 1791 in Limoges, France, the son of a military surgeon. He had intended to become a priest but changed his mind at the insistence of his father and became a doctor, graduating from the University of Paris in 1816. In 1823 he was appointed professor of surgery at the University of…