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Tag: Gregory M. Rutecki

  • Consumption, Collapse, and Family by Alice Neel

    Gregory Rutecki “The personal images in Alice Neel’s work not only reflect her life, they also provide metaphors …There is no peace…in (her) paintings, only agitated recognition of inevitable struggles.”1 “…Alice Neel described the 20th Century as she experienced it, living in the ghetto with those against whom most of society discriminated. She has provided…

  • Tuberculosis Retrenched at Saranac Lake: A Herald for Contemporary Hospitals

    Gregory M. Rutecki “…progress is the retrenchment of diseases.”1 “In 1870, physicians could do little to cure…A hundred years later they intervene…in many…diseases. In a single century…understanding of disease increased more than in the previous forty centuries combined.”2 At the fin de siècle, American Medicine acquired a Promethean fire. Weapons would be forged against a…