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A brief life

Andrea Eisenberg  Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, United States   Photo by Luis Galvez on Unsplash  I felt his legs wiggling in the sac of warm fluid surrounding him. His body was so tiny, his kicks were like a feather passing across my fingers. But his warm, dark world was about to slip away. Did he already sense it? Or […]

On the banks of the ganges

Susan M. Beck Fort Collins, Colorado, United States   Listen. She told me how her brother died in a screaming instant of metal and splintering windshield. She told me in the silence of the exam room, my brain let go of Latin names, syndromes, the architecture of molecules, which way sodium, and potassium flow across […]

After the Funeral

Terri Erickson Lewisville, North Carolina, United States   Poet’s statement: When my brother was killed in a tragic accident before his 21st birthday, the anguish I felt was unbearable. Watching my parents, particularly my mother, mourn the loss of their only son was almost worse. In retrospect, it seems that the emotional agony of losing […]