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People or numbers: healing and efficiency

Damiano Rondelli Chicago, Illinois, United States   In a rare text from 1793, the Italian physician Luigi Angeli instructed young doctors on how to approach a patient: “. . . once you questioned the patient about his disease, or the remote causes of this, and after you observed the quality of his temper, age, once […]

Edward Jenner (1749-1823): from variolation to vaccination

Damiano Rondelli Chicago, Illinois, United States   Figure 1. Portrait of Edward Jenner Smallpox virus is a linear double stranded DNA virus that belongs to the family of poxviridae. Because  its surface is covered with filamentous proteins, it has the appearance of a wool knitting ball. Dr. Edward Jenner’s observations on immune protection from smallpox […]

The early days in the history of appendectomy

Damiano Rondelli Chicago, Illinois, United States   Introduction What we define as appendicitis today is a relatively recent clinical picture that was well-described only in the 19th century. This is in part due to the difficult anatomic identification of the appendix. Although scholars believed to find possible descriptions of the appendix in the work of […]