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The Craiglockhart War Hospital of Edinburgh

Georgina Weatherdon SHO NHS Lothian hospitals    Craiglockhart War Hospital Photography by Brideshead Was it the ghost of autumn in that smell Of underground, or God’s blank heart grown kind, That sent a happy dream to him in hell?— Where men are crushed like clods, and crawl to find Some crater for their wretchedness; who […]

Craiglockhart Hospital, head above the parapet

Annabelle Slingerland Leiden, the Netherlands    Craiglockhart War Hospital You are in World War I, back in its notorious trenches, hearing uninterrupted shooting, deafened from the shells, smelling cordite and dead bodies, fellow soldiers fall back on you, wounded or dead, grey with mud. War neurosis, nervous breakdown, neurasthenia or “shellshock” follows you like your own […]