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The decisive influence of malaria on the outcome of Grant’s Vicksburg campaign of 1863

Lloyd Klein Eric Wittenberg California, San Francisco, United States   Contemporaneous photograph of the dwellings dug into the hills in Vicksburg to escape the bombardment. Public domain. The vital importance of controlling the Mississippi River was apparent to Union strategists from the beginning of the Civil War. The river served as a major supply route, […]

The American Civil War as a biological phenomenon: Did Salmonella or Sherman win the war for the North?

Michael Brown Chicago, Illinois, United States   Reexamining Civil War deaths Patients in Ward K of Armory Square Hospital – Washington, DC, 1865   A demographic historian, J. David Hacker, recently discovered an unfortunate truth; using newly digitized data from the 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses, he constructed new estimates of Northern and Southern Civil […]