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Tag: Black Sea

  • The hospital that treated patients with music

    L. J. Sandlow Chicago, Illinois, United States   High up in the mountains of Anatolia, bordering the Black Sea, lies the ancient hospital of Bimarhane or Darüşşida. Located in the city of Amasya, it was built during the reign of the Ilkanid Sultan Mehmet and his wife Uduz Olcaytu Anbar and constructed by Babe Bin…

  • Scutari Crimean War Hospital

    Annabelle Slingerland Robin Seeley The Netherlands   Map of the battlefields and hospitals at the Crimea and Black Sea 1854-6, Manuel Lopez Parras 2a Death announcement in The Daily Graphic on 15 August 1910 referring to Florence Nightingale as the Lady with the Lamp in Longfellow’s poem While hospitals are often idealized as peaceful places, Scutari Hospital…