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Tag: Berengario da Carpi

  • Guido Guidi, the anatomist known as Vidus Vidius

    The sixteenth century Florentine anatomist and surgeon Guido Guidi is usually referred to by his Latinized name Vidus Vidius.1-4 He was born in 1509 from a fortunate union of medicine and art by having a physician as his father and the grand-daughter of the famous Florentine painter Domenico Ghirlandaio as his mother. Her name was…

  • Berengario da Carpi, pre-Vesalian anatomist (1460–1530)

    Berengario da Carpi was the most important anatomist of the generation preceding the so-called Anatomical Trinity of Vesalius, Fallopio, and Eustachio. He is regarded as one of the founders of scientific anatomy, challenging the reliance on ancient texts and emphasizing the primacy of direct observation based on dissecting the human body. A prolific author, he…