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Tag: Arvid Carlsson

  • Arvid Carlsson (1923–2018)

    Arvid Carlsson, 2011. Photo by Volger on Wikimedia. CC BY-SA 3.0. In the world of science, the name of the Swedish physician scientist Arvid Carlsson is inextricably linked to that of dopamine. This catecholamine, consisting essentially of a benzene ring linked to an amine, was isolated as early as 1910, but had been largely ignored…

  • Nils Alwall—One of the founding fathers of nephrology

    Mårten SegelmarkLund, Sweden More than two million people suffering from kidney failure are currently being kept alive by dialysis. But when Nils Alwall was a young doctor eighty years ago, medicine had little to offer to the patients with kidney diseases other than bed rest and tasteless diets, measures that only added new burdens to…