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Bad blood

Andrea Dejean Toulouse, France   In France, churches, villages and vineyards are rarely very far apart. By Andrea Dejean. The French Blood Agency (l’Établissement français du sang; EFS) organizes frequent blood collection campaigns in the small city where I live in southwestern France. These campaigns are often planned to take place before the start of […]


MEDICINE AND TRAVEL Published on January 1, 2020 H E K T O R A M A:   .   DOCTOR MOORE IN ITALY Einar Perman Moore, a practicing physician in Glasgow with a good reputation, was offered an opportunity to travel. Like other prominent noblemen of his day, the young Duke of Hamilton was […]


CELEBRATING WOMEN IN MEDICINE Published on September 13, 2019 H E K T O R A M A:   .   ALICE HAMILTON Anne Jacobson The squalid streets of working-class Chicago in the late nineteenth century would have been something of a shock to the girl who grew up in a sheltered but educated household […]

Hasting Banda: family doctor turned tyrant

In his 1936 list of Truants in medicine who “deserted medicine” and yet perhaps to his surprise or condescension “triumphed,” Lord Moynihan of Leeds listed mainly successful men of science or letters. Actors and sportsmen, however famous, were not included. But mentioned were several people who “strayed to politics,” notably Clemenceau, Sun Yat Sen, and […]

Nothing prepares you for this

Anne L. Rooney Oak Park, Illinois, USA   Photo by Medici con I’Africa Cuamm There are never enough beds. Seventy women lie side by side on the floor of a hospital ward intended for thirty patients. Some sleep on torn brown blankets on the cement floor. Those lucky enough to have a bed have neither […]

Evolution from recapitulation theory to Neural Darwinism

JMS Pearce London, United Kingdom Early evolutionary theorists noted that the evolution of the brain, its structural organization, and microscopic structure appeared to develop concurrently with human anatomy through the process of evolution. This understanding of the evolution of the brain was heavily influenced by both the theories of phylogeny, which discusses this evolutionary lineage […]

Cicely Williams and kwashiorkor

Sue Reeves Roehampton, London, UK   Figure 1. Dr Cicely Williams in later years on a visit to Ghana (The Wellcome Trust, London). Cicely Delphine Williams (1893-1992) has been described as achieving  the ‘physician’s dream’1 by diagnosing, identifying the cause, and finding a prevention and a cure for a disease.2  The disease she identified was […]