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  • The revolution of Abraham Flexner and its aftermath

    Picture of Abraham Flexner. From The World’s Work, 1910, by W. M. Hollinger. Via Wikimedia. Unlike his brother Simon, who became a celebrated infectious diseases specialist and director of the Rockefeller Institute, Abraham Flexner was mainly interested in culture and education. He also grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where his father had ended up after…

  • Abraham Flexner: His life and legacy

    M. Saleem SeyalLouisville, Kentucky, USA O, Abraham Flexner! . . . We have fought with you on minor points, have alternately admired and disliked you, have applauded you for your wisdom and detested you for opinionatedness. But in just retrospect, layman as you are, we hail you as the father . . . or, better,…