Arpan K. Banerjee

Book review: Ethel Gordon Fenwick: Nursing Reformer and the First Registered Nurse

Carol Battaglia

To Nurse – Hospital Halls – Breath – and more

Erin Brady

Letters to Dad

Jeanne Bryner and Nora Mazur

Moments in nursing
Learning to heal

Nancy Burke

I can take care of myself – if you teach me how!

Elizabeth Cambier

Simple gestures: a nursing student’s journey through the ICU

Karen J. Egenes

Nursing during the US Civil War: a movement toward the professionalization of nursing

Kristen Erickson

My mom’s death

Stephanie Ezell

Heartland down

Judith Frei

From the grotesque to the sublime: innovations in nursing education

Geraldine Gorman

Desert blooms

Maximum security kindness or the public health nurse accrues her CEU’s

Frederic Grannis

Doris Unland: surgical nurse extraordinaire

Mathew Kinsella


Sunday Sally Rose

Victorina T. Malones

Seven reasons why nurses want to leave their job

The realities of being a millennial nurse leader

Mat Matteson & Geraldine Gorman

Nursing diagnose

Laura Monahan

Her name was Krystal

Frederick John O’Dell

Matron Charlotte Evelyn Nelson (1938-1954) and her portrait by Alice Burton

Denise Pasieka

Oppression in nursing practice

Solomon Posen

The male nurse in literature

Drita Puharić

A coffee many years later

Abigail Richardson

Florence Nightingale new

Nora Salisbury

Balancing empathy

Mariella Scerri

Is Mary Seacole the new mother of nursing?
“A Veritable Angel of Mercy”: the sardonic representation of Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Christopher J. Schayer

The boy with the fedora

Anand Raja Devaraj Sushama

Sister Kenny: the forgotten Nightingale

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Dressing the General

Lynda Slimmer

Portrait of nursing

Carolyn Hope Smeltzer

A cultural immersion from a nursing perspective

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Medicine and culture: on becoming a nurse

Isabelle J. St. John

The art of nursing

Laura Anne White

Birthday party


       The Attentive Nurse

Florence Nightingale, The Lady with the Lamp

Saint Elisabeth, a saintly nurse
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The unity of nurses
Pediatric nurse
Nurse dressing a wounded soldier during World War I
Nurse brings in the meal for a convalescing patient
Operating room nurses
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Florence Nightingale at Scutari
Sarah Gamp: Precursor of the nursing profession