Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities

Letters from Chicago [1975–1991]

George Dunea
Malpractice and the state of the nation
Foreign Visitors
Pyramids and primary care
Drug censorship
Of great place
Year of the rabbit
Death with dignity
New livers for old
Poikilodokia simplex:a paramarmaladosis
Election year
Farewell Atlantic City
Trichology needs help
Buttering opsonins
Year of the Dragon
Return of the hangman
Primary health-care crises
Sweet and sour pills
Shopping-bag syndrome
The joy of wife-beating
Jet lag science
War games
Turning back the hands of time
Setback for the Graces
Year of the apricot
Cold baths of Hercules
Red tape and regulations
Uplavici syndrome
Oblomov’s syndrome
Confusion orientated medical records
Voices from the grave
Continuing education
Reverse discrimination
Errors of taxidermists
Auctioning Brenda
Chilling times
Year of love
Medical crises
Healing by touching
Commercial medicine
Persian letter
Inauspicious omens
Generic acrimony
Meetings in the spring
Coming of the stork
Psychiatrists in restraints
At leisure
Temples of doom
Killing the golfing goose
Cadillacs and garbage trucks
Writing about dying
Prepaid health
Paranormal events
Exotic diseases: sheriffiosis
Hyperactive judges
Where the bougainvillaea blooms
Year of the Monkey
Clandestine clippings
Out of the darkness
Reading aloud
Virgins of Delft
Neither fish nor fowl
No bed of roses
Freeing the women
Gang of ninety-five
Gentle Mackinac
Pets and pests
Elixirs of life
Infectology comes of age
Inspecting the hospitals
Birthdays in January
Death by judiciary order
Temples, tubes, and plastic bags
A little showmanship
Beyond the etheric
The hamsters say no
On Oak Street Beach
In black and pathless woods
Death over the counter
Hard times in intensive care
The locker room and the doctors’ lounge
Hidden dangers everywhere
Unification by catastrophe
Winter’s tales
Swallowing the golden ball
Science and the egg
Trifles soothe the mind
When to stop treatment
Squeal rules in the nursery
Below the diaphragm and above
Burning up the files
Consultants and consultoids
Stress in 1984
Spaz attacks
St Ronald and the dragons
Strangers at the gates
Christmas letter
Sense and senselessness
Hearts from monkeys and machines
Cutting to the bone
New epidemics
Bad for business
Experts galore
Care and confidence
Lives for votes
Not an offer to sell
Seagulls or exports
Smurfers’ paradise
Sweet tooth maketh a sour disposition
Pigs in medicine
Counting sheep and eating herbs
Pounds of flesh
Insider medicine
Big brothers in droves
Philosophers and other threats to health
Conflicting evidence
Families and their doctors
Rabbit Two
AIDS update
Matters of turf
Nurse shortages
Good and bad news
Editors in distress
Grease and Greek
Expanding Medicare
Greenhouse days
Bankers hours at Luggnagg
Troops without leaders
Relative values
Looking for solutions
Trench warfare
Portents of change
Revolt of the elderly
Abortion and animal rights
Ten opinions
Slippery slopes
Dog days
Joe Doe’s new year
Voices of the moon