Hektoen International

A Journal of Medical Humanities

I sing the battery electric

Victoria Crawford
Chiang Mai, Thailand


One, two nights there came an odd flutter
when half asleep, half awake, on my left side,
as slight as a moth’s wings might stutter,
a beat— lopsided, not to be denied.

My five year old maker unpaced me,
potholed cadences , the rhythm of my life:
five years for the electric battery,
four or five for me maybe, then the knife.

Is change truly possible? I tried.
A sedentary life doesn’t do the trick,
So with dogged new habits as my guide,
now I sing the battery electric.

Doctor says in seven years let’s arrange,
—she assumes I’m here— a battery change.



VICTORIA CRAWFORD was an information specialist in the early days of Medline who has maintained her interest in medicine as a writer and poet and more recently, as a caregiver for a dementia patient and as a heart patient with a pacemaker she is completely grateful for. She has written health oriented poetry for publication and for the joy of wellness and healing.


Summer 2017  |  Sections  |  Poetry

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