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A poem about plagiarism

Sergei Jargin
Moscow, Russia 
(after Edgar Allan Poe)

Not Pushkin am I, neither Poe,

So great is not my fame.
I am a humble Russian poet,
S. Jargin is my name.
To plagiarize is worse than steal
We love the Copyright,
And by quotations we reveal
The source from which we write.
Great Bear is roaring in morass
And rising up upright,
Reminding Russian writers must
Respect the Copyright.
The Wolf is howling in the wood,
His dreams have flown before –
Deploring that Red Riding Hood
Will eat he – nevermore!
And just alike the fraudster should
Forget his hope and lore
That his unfair practice would
Bring profit – nevermore!

SERGEI V. JARGIN graduated from the I.M. Sechenov Medical Academy in Moscow in 1983. He received postgraduate training in pathology at the same institution until 1986. Thereafter, he was a pathologist and lecturer at the I.M. Sechenov Medical Academy (recently renamed university). Since 1995, he has been a lecturer at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia in Moscow. His scientific interests include social, medical, and pathological aspects of alcohol consumption, alcoholism and alcohol-related dementia, child and elder abuse and neglect. He is author of the book: Alcohol consumption in Russia 1970-2014. LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2014.
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