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Progressions, 2009

Progressions drawing

Zachary Hollis
Chicago, IL, US

Artist statement
Progressions is a work inspired by M.C. Escher, admired by many as a visual mathematician. The use of negative space and positive space, their play on each other, and how we perceive what we see has always been of great interest to Zachary Hollis. In regards to the field of medicine, disease and diagnosis often have an underlying cause. Like the firm and symmetrical shells, disease presentation may, at first, appear obvious. Oftentimes though, with careful investigation, a more important underlying cause of the affliction is present.

Image caption
Pen and ink on paper. 21.5 x 6 inches
Visual Prizewinner, 2009 issue of Body Electric

ZACHARY T. HOLLIS is a 3rd year medical student at the University of Illinois of Chicago College of Medicine. His art interests include pencil and pen and ink, specifically human portraits and realism. He also enjoys freelance photography.

Body Electric is the student run literary and visual arts journal of the University of Illinois College of Medicine. The journal was created in 1985 by medical student, Bonnie Salomon, and is now in its 24th edition. To see the current issue as well as archival issues, please visit us online.

Highlighted in Frontispiece Volume 1, Issue 3 – Spring 2009

Spring 2009



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