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Oppression in nursing practice

Denise Pasieka University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Fall 2015) Oppression is the dehumanization of another and is often viewed as a negative result of power. It occurs when there are efforts to reduce, confine, and discipline people into subordination.1Oppressive behaviours are noted in nursing practice today but are often not questioned; instead, they are […]

Mrs. Collins and the Body Snatchers

Michael Ellman Chicago, Illinois, United States In the morning the Medicine Consultation Service clears patients so they can undergo surgery. Fees from the operating rooms are the cash cow that drives the hospital. We read the electrocardiograms and declare no ischemia, lower the blood sugar with quick acting insulin, treat the hypokalemia with 20 milli-equivalents […]


Asha Tyagi, MD, DNB, MNAMS University College of Medical Sciences¬†& GTB Hospital, Dilshad Garden, Delhi, India (Fall 2015)   He turned his face to look at her, murmured into her ear. Her words were not important, Were not even audible . . . . . . but her smile was beautiful as she returned his […]


Dr. Rory Hutchinson, MBBS, BSc, AICSM (Fall 2015)         Mixed media on canvas 100cm x 100cm (private collection) This painting is inspired by the plight of homeless patients and aims to highlight their loneliness and the isolation. Suspended in nothingness, the figure sits alone, surrounded by all he owns. He looks down, […]