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Montefiore: instrument for social good

Grace Sotomayor Charlotte, North Carolina (Winter 2018)   Main entrance to Montefiore Medical Center in Norwood, Bronx, NY. 31 July 2017, 15:46:12. Hugo L. Gonzalez. At this time in the United States, there is heated debate and rancor about whether health care is a right or a privilege and how and if our country should […]

A hospital for sick children

Joseph deBettencourt Rush Medical College, Chicago IL (Fall 2017)   An artist’s rendering of the original Great Ormond Street Hospital building in 1882, before it was demolished. “49 Great Ormond Street, London, in course of demolition.” J.P. Emslie, 1882, Wellcome Collection, UK  Wellcome Collection. Down a narrow street in an old London neighborhood sat a […]

Groote Schuur Hospital, location, lineage and legacy

Annabelle S. Slingerland Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, the Netherlands (Fall 2017)   Façade of Groote Schuur Hospital Beginnings The Groote Schuur Hospital in South Africa’s Cape Town sits on a site first discovered in 1488 by the Portuguese Bartolomeu Dias. He called the peninsula Cabo Tormentosa (Cape of Storms), a good description of a […]

The Joslin Diabetes Center

Annabelle S. Slingerland Leiden, the Netherlands Matthew Brown Boston, MA (Fall 2017)   Bay State Road- cca. 1920 Of the many hospitals that have risen to fame because of the accomplishments of their staff, the Joslin Diabetes Center is one of the most iconic. Founded at a time when diabetes was largely untreatable and often […]

The Jikei University Hospital, first charity hospital in Japan

Ruri Ashida Tokyo, Japan (Fall 2017)   Hospital Ward of Tokyo Jikei Hospital around 1900 The Jikei University Hospital stands in the middle of Tokyo near the governmental offices and Tokyo Tower. It was established in July 1882 as the first charity hospital in Japan; its original name, Yushi Kyoritsu Tokyo Byoin (Tokyo Charity Hospital), […]

Kirkleatham Hospital

Stephen Martin University of Mahasarakham (Spring 2017)   Figure 1. Kirkleatham Hospital Art and architecture in historic almshouses provided aesthetic pleasure, improved self-esteem and attended to spiritual need. An example of early Enlightenment philanthropy in the English village of Kirkleatham, Cleveland, provides major humanitarian lessons for the planners of today. East Cleveland was used to […]

Charite hospital

Annabelle Slingerland Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, the Netherlands (Spring 2017)   On November 14, 1709, King Frederik I of Prussia planted a small seed that over the following three centuries grew, branch by branch, into one of the foremost medical research and treatment centers in the world.   Plague House, 1709 The Plague, later […]

The origins and development of the Lewis Hospitals

Nicola MacArthur University of Aberdeen, Scotland (Spring 2017)   The original gates to the Lewis Cottage Hospital. Restored and reinstated in the grounds of private houses built on the site of the original hospital. During World War Two, metal in the United Kingdom was salvaged for essential munitions processing but the salvage operation did not […]

Freedman’s Hospital

Yanglu Chen Princeton University, New Jersey, United States (Winter 2015)   Freedmen’s Hospital, the teaching hospital for Howard University Medical School The name itself, Freedmen’s Hospital, betrays a sense of bitter conflict: that there existed men unfreed, and they were not treated here – and that even the freed men had only this hospital. In […]

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Wilson F. Engel, III West Desert Enterprises LLC, Gilbert, Arizona, United States (Summer 2016)   The Walter Reed General Hospital (main building with cupola in distance at far left) in September, 1919. The Hospital was precursor to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The Walter Reed Army Medical Center was — along with its precursor, the […]